Reiki, Crystals and Energy Rebalancing

I use reiki, crystals and energy rebalancing to create a healthy equilibrium for my clients. You can enjoy individual sessions or combine options to bring about a rebalance for you.

A combination of different therapies will be used to bring about a balance of the mind, body and soul. I’ve found over time that therapies can be adapted to suit each client’s needs.

Combine reiki, crystals,energy rebalancing, sound, essences, colour and oracle cards depending on what you wish to experience.

Here is a link to my YouTube Channel Serenity in Touch where you will be information that can guide and support your physical and spiritual balance

What you can experience...

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage originates from India and can be extremely beneficial for the neck, shoulders and scalp. This therapy involves the head being massaged, the shoulders, neck along with the scalp. It brings about a feeling of peace and tranquility while allowing the body to be worked. It can be carried out in the massage chair as well as on the massage table.

Thai Foot Massage – 45 minutes

Thai Foot Massage originated in Thailand over 2000 years and is a powerful therapy and form of therapeutic healing. The lower leg and feet are incorporated in the treatment.

Eastern Acupressure Facial Massage – 30 minutes

Eastern Acu-Pressure Facial Massage uses complementary techniques that originated in Indian and Japanese Facial Massage. This unique facial includes Eastern philosophies and will leave you feeling extremely chilled. Enjoy with or without products.


Reflexology will aid detoxification of the body and therefore will support the protection of the immune system. The feet contain contact areas for the entire body and reflexology may help with pain and other issues that may be causing problems.  45 minute session – £35

Reiki: 45 or 60 minutes

Reiki is a wonderful healing energy for all. Anyone can enjoy this therapy – from people through to animals and situations. This is the one therapy that I can practice on myself as well as others. Reiki has and continues to be a life changing experience for me. Reiki can help with many things – emotionally and physically. You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and chilled. I work with colour and essences and bring these into your reiki sessions.

Therapy prices:

30 minutes – £30 – 45 minutes – £35 – 60 minutes – £45.

Reiki, crystals and energy rebalancing sessions can be beneficial for the mind, body and soul. Combine some of the above physical therapies with the ones below to create the cleanse and balance you need.

Crystal Healing

Enjoy an energy rebalance with the use of crystals as they are placed on and around you. Crystals may bring about a feeling of deep relaxation while aiding stress and pain in the body and mind. Crystal healing can promote a balance of the physical and subtle bodies of the aura. Crystal healing is an hour session and is £45.

Sound Therapy

Experience the vibrational use of sound as you lay down and listen to the various instruments that are played. You will hear crystal singing bowls, wind gongs, chimes, tuning forks, tibetan singing bowls along with a tongue drum. The vibrations of the sound will work on all levels of your emotional and physical body relieving anxiety, stress, pain and inducing a feeling of peace and calm. Sound therapy lasts for 60 minutes at a cost of £45.

Energy Healing sessions – combine different elements of the above

Here you have the option of combining various elements from the above therapies. You can enjoy crystals, reiki and sound. If you wish to experience the 2 hour session I will incorporate oracle cards, essences and colour work.

Reiki, Crystals and Energy Rebalancing Sessions

60 minutes – combine 2 elements £ 45 – 90 minutes – combine 3 elements £60 – 120 minutes – all elements £75


A consultation will be carried out prior to any treatment allowing the session to be tailor made for you. We can discuss whether massage, reiki and energy balancing is what you need and how the best to address your needs.

I’m always to discuss anything prior to you booking an appointment. Feel free to give me a ring to have a chat about what you wish to gain from your session. I’m always happy to receive emails too.

Benefits of the above treatments

Various sessions available

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Balance your mind, body & soul

Create balance and harmony

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£30 - £70